Most distinctive products for Best distinguished value

Mission Statement

We strive daily to offer necessary products and knowledge that make your business the best in the Specialty coffee industry.

Marketline was born in Beirut in 1998 to supply the growing specialty coffee industry in the region with the best quality products selected from the finest sources in the globe. Today, and after 14 years in the competitive run, we boast of being strongly positioned in Lebanon and all of the Middle East area.

True to its initial vision, Market Line has always been driven to provide the most distinctive product for the best distinguished value. Employees are family and customers are friends, relationships are built on trust, they are fuelled by solutions, and cultivated on experience.

At Marketline we provide the A-Z professionalism tools that enable an owner operator to set up his coffee shop or bar.  Indeed, the Barista session is our specialization where we offer it to our customers and it includes a complete range of tools that will help them run successfully their business and compete with others. Our recipes give as well practical help and a lot of innovative ideas.

Marketline key success factors are based on its capacity of innovation, the quality levels of its selected products, its service rate and its competitiveness. As such, we make sure that no demand remains unsatisfied.